Clouds – Poetik Justis Prod. EarthGrime


Poetik Justis just dropped the visuals for his new track, ‘Clouds‘ from his last tape ‘Greatness‘. I had heard the track before but was not expecting him to drop a video for it though, but regardless it seems he did a pretty decent job in breaking my notion.


Poetik has always been known to be a very socially relevant emcee and he lives up to the expectation in this drop. This time Poetik aka Vineet Nair spoke about climate change and several other issues to which the common man has turned a blind eye. He used an unconventional uptempo beat to drop some knowledge and put down an autotuned hook to it, which does not sound bad at all.

The following is what the description says on YouTube :

I see humanity in the clouds. What is done down here reflects up there. Climate change is a very real and horrifying reality but it isn’t the only thing polluting us and the world. ‘Human Nature’ they call it, is evolving for worse than for better. Taking our beautiful world and fellow beings for granted. We pollute ourselves with negativity and insecurity and we project the same towards others. One day we will learn, I only hope that day doesn’t come too late.


The track comes along with a video which shows how the common man is blinded by the government and the major corporations which use money and politics to distract us from the actual happenings in our world. The video is shot brilliantly to capture what Poetik wanted to say but the only thing which I was not able to comprehend was presence of the B-Boy and if it was really necessary to use him but then again it is just my opinion.

Check out the video for ‘Clouds’ right here: