Cizzy and Joe’s Joint Launched ‘Streetfood’


A Kolkata-based music producer duo, StreetFood is looking forward to beginning their journey on 31st December 2016. StreetFood comprises of two artists from Kolkata, Cizzy and Joe’s joint. They met each other in 2014, at a weekly Sunday Cypher conducted by The Cypher Projekt, Kolkata. They started working together and produced many instrumentals and songs together while helping each other in the journey.

In 2016, they collaborated on a project called ‘Mora Gaang’, which was digitally distributed worldwide to 227 countries by Believe Digital group, UK. After the huge success of that song, they decided to start working together and that’s how StreetFood came along.

To watch the promo video of ‘Mora Gaang’ you may do so via the following links.



One-half of the duo, Cizzy a.k.a Rounok Chakraborty comes from a very musical family background. Having been trained in Hindustani Classical, Rabindrasangeet, Folk, Gonosongeet etc, he has developed a huge interest in different types of music. His productions always offer the flavour of authentic Indian sound.

The other half of the duo, Joe a.k.a Saurya Duttaray, brings a very different flavour in the kitchen. The varieties of his musical taste, makes his productions stand out from any other concurrent composers. He is inclined to world music, varying from old English classics to modern day pop, rock or plain old trap.

streetfood-cizzy-joes-joint cizzy-joes-joint

Both the producers have only one thing in common. Their love for Hip-hop and music. They did not want to bind their production potential to the usual grammatical definition of art. So when these two very different producers sit down together, they produce something, which is fresher than anything else.

To understand the kind of music they make together, you can listen to their latest releases:

The Christmas Song:

Bhaat kheye ja dufurbela:

They’re launching their production house, StreetFood Music, on 31st December 2016. They’re arranging a rooftop invite-only event, which is also gonna be broadcasted live-in internet through Facebook live. They’re going to describe why their production house is called StreetFood and they’re gonna announce some of their plans. Word on the street is, their plans might include a collaboration with red FM, Kolkata and The Cypher Projekt, Kolkata. So if you thought Kolkata haven’t created enough buzz even after the Kolkata Cypher, you better get ready now. Cause the StreetFood has so many things up on their sleeves and they’re ready to give hints about it on 31st December 2016. So you better not move your eyes from their Facebook page cause the live video might come online at any time between 12 pm to 4 pm.

Facebook page link:

Watch the promotional video of StreetFood, Episode 1- The Recipe: