‘The City’ Is The Posse Cut You Should Not Sleep On


Those who are not familiar with the concept of a ‘posse cut’, you’re about to find out. To enlighten you, it’s a track that features multiple rappers who may not be in a group together, but still rep each other hard and spit their verses one after another. ‘The City‘ is definitely one of my favorite posse cuts right now.

It came a couple days ago and I’ve been jamming on this one since then. The track features no less than seven rappers and none of them are rookies. Diefferent, Ace aka Mumbai, Adro & Nasty Ninja from Mumbai’s Finest with Shah RuleCash Kardz and Slyck TwoshadeZ, now that’s a dope list of emcee’s on one track!

The City

Shah Rule opens ‘The City’ with a hook that’s definitely going to hook your ears to this track. Trust me it’s mad catchy and dulcet enough for a hip-hop track. Then comes Diefferent to spit the first verse on the track. He teaches how quitting should not be an option. Cash Kardz went second and describes how Chandigarh and Mumbai are equally important to him. Ace aka Mumbai went third and described his love for Mumbai. There’s a reason he named himself Mumbai. Right? Adro and Nasty Ninja discuss the lessons that Mumbai has taught them and how they are there to protect the pride of their city. Slyck went last and opens up his verse by using stereotypes that are filled with sarcasm. “Reppin’ the rape capital aka the filthy city” is sufficient to tell you that he did talk about his city but didn’t serve no mercy by praising it.

Adro, Cash Kardz, and Slyck’s verse are the best on this track but I’ll give it to Shah Rule for that insane hook. Abhi Malhotra produced this instrumental to give a wider dimension to this posse cut. Shah Rule handled the post-programming, mixing and mastering to deliver this beautiful audio. Typographical video of this track was designed by Dev Pawar.

This track is a treat for hip-hop heads but what I think this track is lacking is a video. Honestly, a video would have helped them to increase the range of the overall targetted audience. Till then check out the video and tell us what you think: