The Christmas Song – Cizzy X joesjoint


One of my responsibilities as a Hip-Hop journalist is to keep my ears open to music dropping anywhere and everywhere. I came across ‘The Christmas Song‘ which seems to be a product of the collaboration of artists going by the names of ‘Cizzy’ and ‘joesjoint’ and are inhabitants of Kolkata.


The track opens up with the chorus being whispered ‘Wish you a merry merry Christmas‘. Cizzy gets into the first verse and it took me a second or two to actually realize that he is actually rapping in Bengali.

Ekdin bhor bela uthe dekhi bodle geche shob e/
Mayabi ja chaibi tai pabi ei notun duniyate/
Ja kichu cheyechi sarajibon tai duhaat e/
Bhore geche, hothat e/
Sudhu ache kichu Chomke dewa smriti/

Cizzy’s bars translate to

One day, I woke up and saw everything has changed
Enchanted, you get what you want in this new world/
All the things I wanted in my life, are now in my hands suddenly all at once/ Only, some shocking memories remained/
Like who was I yesterday? When did that end?/

From what I gather is that Cizzy is hypothesizing how his life would be if all his Christmas wishes came true. Whereas joesjoint is trying to say is something different:

If everything is great what the fuck is next
Put the letters back in the box
The love has already been sent
The love has already been spent
On short-sightedness, we focus on the trends
Everything is art and everybody can judge
If you give hate, then you got yourself a friend
This is not the end this is not the end

His festive spirit is a little ambiguous and it seems as if he is questioning the very spirit itself. He has rightfully mentioned that we humans have become short-sightedness and us Indians only celebrate Christmas as a trend. Well love it or hate but by the end, he does wish the listener a very Merry Christmas.

Check out the track right here: