‘Choda Fervary- No Love Anthem’ By DoubLe-S’

14th February is a day for the romantic couples, people in love, and everything is about falling in love. But what about the one’s who are single or have been dumped or are frustrated with their relationship? 

D18 brings a track for those who want to spend their Valentine Day by not giving a shit about it. The track is titled ‘Choda Fervary- No Love Anthem’ and the lyrics are by Manish Semwal, also known as, DoubLe-S’He is a part of the Delhi-based D18 Crew which also includes Anurag Atwal aka Raga R&B who has given the music for this track.

Both Manish and Anurag have been doing music for years and now their hard work is paying off pretty well as in near future we’ll see some big projects comes out from their studio.

During a brief conversation, I asked DoubLe-S’ about how he came up with this track and what was the motivation behind it. He replied saying, “Being single is more proud than being in a stupid relationship, that’s what I think and with this song, I want to give strength to all singles. Seena taan ke single hi rehna hai!”

We wish him and the crew a very best and hope the song entertains the mass.

So to all those proud to be single, listen to ‘Choda Fervary- No Love Anthem’ by D18 Crew here: