Chennai Stand Up! ’16 Bars The Cypher’


Desi Hip-Hop has witnessed tremendous growth in the past 2 years and we have artists coming out of everywhere so why should Southern Indian artists not join the bandwagon. So here we have 16 bars which features MC DDM, MaaHaa, MC GO, DRAVIDAN, AJ RWB, DETOX and KING ND.


Before I start I need to mention that I do not understand certain languages which were used in the cypher so I will speak about what all I understand. The cypher is multilingual and everyone present in it is representing Chennai Hip-Hop. Everyone went in hard at least till the point where I could understand them. For me it was MC GO DRAVIDAN who killed the cypher with a pushed-chopper flow. KIND ND finishes the cypher with a laid back, heavy punches and perfect boom bap flow.

Cyphers have been an integral part of Hip-Hop and the first proper cypher was from Bangalore in 2014 which featured Brodha V, Smokey The Ghost, Big Deal and Charles Dickenson. This started a movement in the underground and we saw an eruption of cyphers in the scene, almost every city had their best rappers teaming up and dropping bars and slaying beats.

Music is done by 47K and the video is done by Fiyum and both have done a good but they both of plenty of scope to improve. I sincerely hope i get to listen to more Hip-Hop coming out of Southern India.