Check Out This Brewing Beef Alert

Here are the current Rap beef’s

Everyone in the Desi Hip Hop needs to put the J.Hind Vs Manj Musik beef to side for now because Soulja Boy just posted a video on every social networking site with a rifle pointed at the camera dissing Migos and Quavo Migos’s crew mate.

When we thought Soulja Boy squashed his beef with Lil Yachty, turns out the story is yet to end. Straight up, no subtle shots, he started with Fuck Migos and Fuck Quavo and bullying them and shortly afterwards dropping a diss track titled beef.

Talking about straight up Soulja boy does it.
Listen to the track here –

Beef Alert

Here are two of the current beef’s you need to know about

Tyga Vs 21 Savage

21 Savage has been commenting a lot about Kylie-Tyga’s love interest. Savage has been expressing his appreciation towards Jenner a lot and has been talking about her on shows, social networks and interviews. Anyone tends to get pissed when someone talks about their partner. Tyga is more than pissed and so is Kylie. She recently Instagrammed a picture labelling Savage as a bitch and Tyga has been going off at Savage on his Instagram posting old videos of the rapper and teasing a diss track. This beef is far away from being over as Savage has been going back and forth with the couple.


Jeremih Vs Party Next Door

On December 3rd, Jeremih just called the whole crew a bunch of “Bitch ass niggers” out of the blue. Maybe it was because of the recent Grammy Nomination? PartyNextDoor has yet not responded but we could just speculate for now on why Jeremih suddenly dissed the crew. Jeremih feels that the crew has been trying to stop his tour.