Chandigarh Is Bringing Hip-Hop To The Streets!


Road shows and street performances have always been a part of the hip-hop culture. In countries, where desi hip-hop, in particular, is considered, road shows and street performances are a new and an emerging trend. Chandigarh has not witnessed these type of events regularly but the underground scene from Chandigarh has always been remarkable.

Chandigarh hip-hop Image

Hardy and Olvin, two of Chandigarh’s finest artists, invited me to a road show which was organised by them to push hip-hop from the streets. This event was as raw as it should have been and featured some of the best b-boys, emcees and beatboxers from Chandigarh. Hardy and Olvin also managed to arrange a ‘free for all’ rap cypher. Speakers playing hip-hop beats and almost 15 rappers spitting one after another is a charm to watch in itself.

These rappers are not from a stable financial background but their knowledge of spitting in multiple languages was worth the appreciation.

Watch this video to get an idea of how the event went down.