‘Chaar Yaar’ By Akhilesh, Aa$h, Niks And Deecoy Is Out Now


First and foremost,  “Chaar Yaar” is merely produced, recorded, arranged, shot, and edited in the span of 5 hours. Deecoy produced the instrumental himself and handled the post production as well. On a single call, Inflict, the video director hopped into their studio and winded up the shoot. Akhilesh Bhardwaj literally killed it with the editing. The track features Akhilesh Bhardwaj, Aa$h, Niks, and Deecoy. This is how these guys take out music while having fun. The track is released under DNA Audio Worx. It is an open platform for all the artist that provides every service related to music.

The concept behind this song was to end all the sabbatical rumours and tell everyone that they hold no grudges against anyone. With a mild feel, they convey that from club leads to Indian touch and deep trap, they managed to display all of these elements in “Chaar Yaar”. This track is out and is getting a great response from the audience. They are focusing on making such tracks to spread positivity through their music.

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Check Out ‘Chaar Yaar’ Here: