Catching Up With Mumbai’s Finest


Mumbai’s Finest have been making some serious headlines off lately. From working with Bollywood titans such as Salim and Sulaiman to crossing over a million views for the music video for the same collaboration, ‘Jeene Ka Shauq‘. They are also working on another massive collaboration which will be discussed in another literary piece.

They will also be performing at the Jammin’ concert on the 10th alongside other top-notch Bollywood producers in Bombay itself. The Crew dropped a tutorial for their audience on an approach to make music where crew members Ninja, Diefferent and Ace gave valuable insights on how to go about making a track when in the studio. Yup, the crew has been keeping massively busy. Everyone is giving in their 100 per cent on group projects as well as individual pursuits.

I caught up with Diefferent from the crew to see what is the crew up to and he told me the following –


Slyck – What is Mumbai’s Finest up to these days ?

Diefferent – We are currently working on our new album but the title I can’t tell you for now, also all five members have a few singles coming out very soon. There is a lot in store.

Slyck – How was your experience working with Salim and Sulaiman ?

Diefferent – We have had the most amazing time with Saleem Bhai and Sulaiman Bhai. They are incredibly down to earth and very talented musicians and we learnt a lot from them and the jam session we are having.

Slyck – How has your entire Jammin’ experience been with them till now ?

Diefferent – It’s still in process and we are loving it, 10th is what we’re waiting for. Also the surprise collaboration is going to be out very soon.

Slyck – Tell us some memorable incident that happened during the time of the recording or the video shoot ?

Diefferent – We collectively decide to change our verses after Saleem Bhai chilled with us and we got to know each other more. Within half an hour we made our content completely ‘Mumbai till I die style’, and we took another hour to record everything.

Slyck – Tell us something about the tutorial video which you guys dropped a few days ago ?

Diefferent – We were just discussing ideas and the ways we look at songwriting. Also, we believe that knowledge should be shared and we are just doing what we can. We had no one to guide us, but things can be different for the younger generations that are coming up.

Slyck – Any message for your fans and followers ?

Diefferent – Thank you for your support and the people following us from day one there is a lot in store for you all. Also new music videos are gonna be up soon!