#SlyckReview, Cash Kardz And P Swish || MENACE

Cash Cardz and P Swish comeback after ‘Khaas’ with another fresh tune and this time they remixed, ‘Wait A Minute’ and the original version featured PHresher, Dah Dah and Curly Savv. I have had conversations with both of these cats and they unlike other artists have a plan and so far seem to be sticking to it.


The instrumental demanded a 1/3 flow and both of them justified it. The verses consist of them boasting and calling out wack rappers who in Cash’s words have been dropping, ‘Hot Trash’. Cash goes in ham and then passes the baton to P Swish who picks up right where Cash left off and drops a dope verse. Both Swish and Cash switch flows effortlessly and that’s what kept my ears entertained. The track ends with a witty monolog by ‘Yeda Raphik’ and has a very Bombay touch to it.

The track comes with a simple but effective lyric video made by The Convex View and P Swish. I am waiting for them to drop a full proper original project along with a dope video so that Indian folks get to listen to some killer English bars.P Swish

The following is what Swish told me about the track, ‘Menace’ is our attempt to connect the newest and the most trending hip-hop tunes to the ‘Bombay Rap Culture’. Our goal here is to keep up with the hottest beat banging internationally while maintaining the Bombay state of mind in the lyrics.”

Check out the track right here: