Candid Nib’s “Black Sheep” Deals With A Lot Of Our Inner Demons!


Shobhit Pathak, who goes by the stage name Candid Nib, is hip-hop artist from Dehradun. He is also working with a hip-hop crew, Verbalord Music, alongside Vibrant V, Mob D, Ziggyzak Raaz, Ace, Slumdawg, Abhishek Sailani and Filament Beats.

He is representing this culture with seven tribes that have turned into a game. Recently, Candid Nib dropped his brand new track “Black Sheep”. Candid B did the post production for “Black Sheep” as well. Vibrant V did the visuals for the track while Abhishek Sailani did the Vfx part and Filament Beats designed the cover art for “Black Sheep”.

In addition, “Black Sheep” resembles the odd one in the herd. The track resembles the tug of war that a mind deals with and is basically talks over the demons that we carry. “Black Sheep” holds the intense frustration and mood of rage and a war against self throughout with a fiction concept. According to him, dissing and abusing the listeners has turned out to be a trend these days. Candid Nib thinks that these topics get more attention rather than a piece of art that carries the knowledge or some real shit.

As a matter of fact, the track will not get much attention maybe because of above-mentioned facts. He thinks that it will earn a positive feedback from every viewer. The track would not have been such perfect without the involving the team. When I spoke to Candid Nib he said: 

“Black Sheep is the track that I rolled likely after a year. After working low-key for the whole annum, this song is strictly about my mindset. It also depicts the state of mind that we all deals with”

 Stream “Black Sheep” Here:


Just go through this track once and trust me you all going to love this track. Leave your feedback in the comment section as well.