Canadian Rap Artist ‘Noyz’ To Heal Through Hip-Hop

Amrit Tung who is know in the Hip-Hop world as Noyz, is a Brampton, Canada-based MC, producer and community organizer who came into the limelight after releasing his singles ‘Degrees of Freedom‘, ‘Beautiful Decay‘ amongst others. His style of music has old-school vibes and his lyrics are mostly targeted towards awareness and wellness of the society.

Spreading knowledge through his music helped him in earning an identity that is definitely well reputed.


Noyz has performed in some of the biggest music festivals like ‘Canadian Music Week’, ‘DesiFest’, etc. He was also featured on platforms like ‘Team Backpack’ and ‘Complex’ and also organises open mic nights for people who are interested in promoting the culture. Recently, he is in the news again but this time it’s not for his music but for a step that he has taken towards a noble cause.

Yesterday, he went on to his social media profiles to share his idea of healing people who are either suffering from mental illnesses or have dealt with it personally, by using Hip-Hop as the most salient tool. This is not the first time a rapper is trying to uplift the people around them. Famous artists like Tupac ShakurEminem, Immortal Technique and others have helped the society by their thoughts and encouraging lyrics. Noyz’s vision is definitely different from what others have done as his main focus is on healing the mental illness of people by conducting a person to person workshop. This workshop is all about discussing the benefits of writing and rapping on controlling one’s mental state. He has been planning to give his thoughts a physical shape or from

Art can be a great outlet to express emotions, distress, and despair.

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He is accompanied by his team which include names like Maneet Chahal who is a registered nurse and Jasmeet Chagger who is also working in the same field. They’re backed up by Lab-B which is a non-profit organisation working in the field of human welfare. This workshop will be held in Brampton on November 15th, 2016.

Support the cause and register yourself on their website –