You Can Get A Degree On Kanye West Now…

Have you ever wanted to know everything about your favourite star?  Well now you can if your favourite artist is Kanye West.

Yes, the Washington university has recently started an educational academic course on Kanye West called the “Politics of Kanye West: Black Genius and Sonic Aesthetics”. This course is hosted by a professor named Jeffery McCune who told TIME that this course neither praised nor criticise Kanye but rather focus on his impact on the African-American culture.

Jeffery McCune is an assistant professor at Washington University in ‘African and African-American Studies’, ‘The Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies Department’. In his interview with TIME, he explains very briefly about this course he said that he thinks it is a good way to get students to connect issues of politics, race, gender, sexuality and culture. McCune added “Many people spend a lot of time talking about Kanye as a controversial and somewhat hot-headed figure. They’re very interested in Kanye West as a source of personality. Throughout his career, he has always interested me—his sense of black excellence, his belief that we have within us the capacity for greatness”. He also said that this course is a healthy dose of confidence and investment in black excellence that translate to so many people.

He told TIME about the course that it is a 14 week course which covers the topics like “Who is Kanye West and Why is he in flashing Lights?” and “Touch the sky when the aspirant turns genius” and there is also a very interesting topic which covers the bicker between him and Taylor Swift called “The Swift Moment”.