Cafy Khan and Nashua Unforgettas’ ‘Whatsapp’ Is Already Viral


In an era where competition is sky high, everyone is trying to do something different to outshine the other just to appeal the crowd. Same is the story of this artist who is trying to build his name in the underground music scene.

Cafy Khan is a music producer from Panchkula, Haryana. He’s not a household name right now but no one can deny that he’s improving gradually. Cafy had produced the cover version of Yo Yo Honey Singh‘s ‘Blue Eyes‘ for his younger blood brother Noddy Khan. They both got their share of reputation from the same track but this time he is back with his own release, ‘Whatsapp‘, which is already trending the internet.

Whatsapp‘ is a collaboration between Cafy Khan and Nashua Unforgetta who is a rapper. This single came with a video which was released on November 14, 2016, on Mad Media Network‘s YouTube channel. As the title suggests, this track is based on the instant messaging social media app Whatsapp and on the complications that it creates in a relationship. This single also features Ritika Singh who recorded her part on the beat. Recently, ‘Whatsapp‘ has crossed over 1,00,000 views on YouTube.

No doubt, Nashua wrote on a theme which is a bit different from what is in the market right now but it gets a bit boring because of its repetitive rhyme scheme. Cafy handled the music production very well, though. If you’re looking for something commercial to bump in your headphones, this one is perfect for you. Hardcore Hip-Hop fans are not going to like this one at all but I guess this track was planned to sound commercial. No issues with that. Everyone improves. Right?

The video which they have released titled ‘Whatsapp‘ is a story based concept which was shot by Aaditya Gandhi and was edited by Puneet ASP. This whole project was produced by Feroz Khan who is Cafy’s father.

Cafy told me how this whole project got it’s life by saying “I was looking for a rap artist during the time I just started producing Hip-Hop beats. I approached Nashua for his verse and he agreed. The next day, I sat down to create a beat. We recorded the track and the final audio was done in a week from the day we first discussed the project. I really liked the topic of this song as it was something different than what others were doing”.

People should understand that your expectations are created by your own self. Others are not bound to follow your choices. Cafy did just the same by experimenting on a new thing. He’s on a stage where he is improving and we have faith that he’s going to reach his success soon.

Listen to ‘Whatsapp’ by Cafy & Nashua Unforgetta here :