Byg Byrd Released ‘Goliyan’ With Sunny Malton, Haji Springer And Jay R!


Haji Springer came as a guest on a track called ‘Goliyan‘ with Sunny Malton and Jay R. The instrumental is produced by the very famous music producer Byg Byrd. This one is Haji Springer’s second track of the year. His last release was with PropheC which was titled as ‘Fake FriendsHaji Springer also produced ‘Patake which featured Bohemia and Satti Satvinder.

The track ‘Goliyan’ features Sunny Malton who is a Brampton, Canada-based hip-hop artist and is mainly known for making diss tracks. Last year, he made a diss track on Jasmeet Singh, professionally known as JusReign. Jasmeet Singh is a Canadian comedian of Punjabi-Sikh descent and is also a famous Youtuber. Sunny Malton is also famous for starting beef with anyone. Apart from ‘Goliyan’, he has released another track called ‘Ted Dibiase‘ which is also produced by Byg Byrd. ‘Ted Dibiase’ is released on 11 January, 2017, and Jyothi Tatter shot the video for the same.

He has a different style and a flow which makes him stand out from other rappers in the game. Last year, Sunny dropped his track called ‘My Own Lane‘ which was produced by Byg Byrd and Jeawan Beats and was directed by  Jyothi Tatter. Sunny Malton has a unique flow with a dusky voice which attracts most of his listeners. Apart from this, Sunny Malton has a track with Sikander Kahlon as well. They both collaborated on a track produced by Byg Byrd called ‘On The Map

The track ‘Goliyan’ has a new artist Jay R who is from San Francisco, California. Jay R did a hook for ‘Goliyan’ and I must say he has a great vocal tone. He added an extra blend to the track. Jay R is also associated with Kali Denali Music and can be seen performing with Haji Springer too.

He started his part with “Batibor mere dab vich, tu le na pangey/tad tad maran golyian mere leaa jeda khange, yaar maar kade kite nahi, jede kare hon dange,labke veri thokde hove Cali ya Bombay”. After that Sunny Malton and Haji Springer spat their respective verses. ‘Goliyan’ will give you some serious gangster vibes. We have not heard these kinds of tracks from a while now. Gangster tracks have a certain audience and this will surely get an immense love from the listeners.

Hear ‘Goliyan’ By Sunny Malton And Haji Springer Featuring Jay R Here: