Brutas Dedicates “2015” To His Father!


Rahul Marwaha, who goes by the stage name Brutas, is a Jalandhar-based hip-hop artist. He dropped his latest single “2015”. This track “2015” is close to Brutas’s heart as it depicts his past. According to him, this is the worst time of his life. Infinity did the video and production for “2015”. Infinity also did the post production for “2015”. CK Lagah handled the D.O.P. part for “2015”.

In addition to “2015”, it is a story of Brutas’ life and the events occurred during that period. Brutas’ father died on 1 March 2015. He wrote this verse in just 10 minutes and his mates were silent after listening to it. They thought that this audio deserves a video. When I spoke to him, this what he said, “2015 was the worst year of my life. After my dad passed away, my whole life changed”.

As a matter of fact, Infinity and CK Lagah helped him in the shoot. He shot the video at a cremation ground. Kudos to the whole team as we know the fact that, nobody allows you to shoot at the cremation ground. Half of the video has visuals from his school where he completed his academics. They completed the whole shoot in 5 days.

He decided to release “2015” on 7 May, 2017 because on this date, his father was born. It’s a gift from his side to him. He dedicates this track to his father. You need balls to do such kind of tracks. Brutas brilliantly delivered what he was feeling inside. We know for the fact that, the audience for such tracks are less but the way Brutas has delivered the track is amazing. Everyone is loving his new record.

If you guys have a similar story, then I’m sure you will definitely going to connect with this track.

Stream “2015” By Brutas Here: