Brotha Hood – Kaun Hoon Main


Bombay based emcee Brotha Hood is known to be constantly working on something, his latest release ‘Kaun Hoon Main‘ from his from 2nd album/EP ‘Shukraan‘ is another product of his hard grind.


This is the second time I’ve heard Brotha rap in Hindi and it was quite a enjoyable experience. The whole Desi Hip Hop uplift has motivated rappers do pursue vernacular rap and that is one of the reasons why Desi Hip Hop has reached where it is at the moment. From personal experience I know that an English rappers comfort zone is rapping in English and it honestly takes much more than guts to venture out into vernacular rap. Brotha has not just rapped in Hindi but also done it justice it.

There are a few nuances where I felt the delivery was a bit enforced but that is something that can be worked on with time and sincere efforts, both of which are something which well fall in Brotha’s capacity. He is a hard working emcee and if he sticks to the way he is pursuing his craft he will be catering to a larger audience and there are several accolades and accomplishments in his path.

This free-verse has him telling about the stats and facts which separate him from the crowd pursuing the very same craft. The video is shot by Inflict who has been involved in the New Delhi scene for quite some time and his work is improving exponentially over time. The good part is that he is not letting any of the success get to his head and he is constantly involved in working ways to improve his work.

Check out the track right here :