‘Broken Dreams’ By Notorious Sam Is To Inspire The Youth


Notorious Sam, a Guwahati-based rapper is up with his another music video ‘Broken Dreams’ from his upcoming mixtape ‘Guwahati City’. This is his second music video of this year and he is all set to drop his mixtape in the coming months. Upamanyoo Das aka 2Man Innovations and Avhinav Singh aka zer024 handled the videography and editing of this music video. The song is released on his independent label ‘Note Gang’.

Broken Dreams is one of his original composition produced by worldwide famous producer ‘Menace‘. Basically, this song is all about the fallen army of the underground desi hip-hop scene. It is for those who are tired of the lame commercial rap which is taking a hold of the society nowadays. It’s about how the mainstream media is ignoring the underground scene in India. It’s about inspiring the youth to do whatever it takes to bring a change, not to give in and be a victim of this system. The lines in the song have a clear message; don’t give up on your dreams and fight back until you achieve it.

It’s a product of lonely nights, sittin and cryin by the nook Ima shook y’all f*gs with my lyrical notebook /Look at the hook Does it seems like a kid can do this? Well, Notorious Sam, my name is, reppin Guwahati my city, that’s Northeast Sometimes I’m like fuck peace/ Look at all these rapin, killin, murder, shootin How the fuck we’re supposed to make a living, outta this”

This guy is consistent about dropping some good music with good lyricism which the desi hip-hop army needs nowadays. He wants to contribute as much as he can so that his city can get good quality of hip-hop music. Sam is the director of ‘Lord Of Rhymes‘, a hip-hop/rap battle/competition. It provides knowledge about hip-hop and creates more opportunities for the upcoming rappers in the Guwahati city.

Listen To ‘Broken Dreams’ By Notorious Sam Here: