Brodha V Takes A Shot At Honey Singh And Badshah In Let Em Talk!

Brodha V just took everyone by surprise with his latest drop ‘Let Em Talk’. After creating much hype about it with the posters and teaser ‘Let Em Talk’ released today. Only within few hours, the music video has garnered a lot of hype and attention among hip-hop heads. And why wouldn’t it, V has dropped something after a long time!It wouldn’t skip anyone’s attention that V has taken a lot of shots in ‘Let Em Talk’.Major ones were on commercial hip-hop artists Honey Singh and Badshah.

‘Let Em Talk’ a pure Brodha V product with the perfect amount of Indian elements mashed in the beat. V has stuck to his Southside roots in the production. Whereas in the lyrics he chose the old school hip-hop route with punches and multis.

Brodha, Badshah, Honey Singh Let Em Talk Image

Major ones were on commercial hip-hop artists Honey Singh and Badshah. This track oozes with Brodha V’s self-confidence and his desire to achieve greatness. Much like the essence of an emcee from any country, V calls himself as the face of Indian Rap. The rapper dropped few Hindi rhymes and took us by surprise!

Brodha V is a multi-talented artist who single-handedly pulls off entire process of his tracks. From the production to mixing, to obviously the lyrics everything you hear in a Brodha V track is made by him. This track is no different in this matter! Chris Gehringer has mastered the track.

This music video is also signature Brodha V style. Bharath Parashuram and Gowri Neelavar have directed the video. From the looks of it, we’re guessing some parts of the video have been shot out of India. Well, we’ll get that and lot of other unanswered questions out of our way soon!

Watch the video for Let Em Talk here and stay with us for more updates from Brodha V!