Brodha V Says ‘Let Em Talk’ In Official Poster And Trailer!

Brodha V has been making a buzz with his upcoming release ‘Let Em Talk‘. Shortly after making an announcement, the rapper revealed the official trailer. Now, if you have been following his work since the beginning you would know V don’t play around when it comes to music videos. This time the rapper has promised to leave us spellbound with ‘Let Em Talk’.

Much like his previous tracks, ‘Let Em Talk’ is on the level of commercial music videos. Brodha V has managed to tease his audience with very tiny glimpses in the trailer of both the video as well as the audio. But from what we hear, the sound is definitely fresh, something V offers in each of his releases.

brodha v let em talk

Official poster of ‘Let Em Talk’ also looks pretty promising. Brodha V has chosen to go with his recent look in this video as well. Earlier Desi Hip Hop had let its readers know that the video will be coming out sometime in March last week. With the official poster and trailer V has announced that ‘Let Em Talk’ will be out on Mar 31, 2017. Saavn listeners can catch the track before anyone else.

Brodha V has another amazing news for his fan following in Bangalore. The audience can now catch a glimpse of his latest drop live at Bangalore’s biggest music festival. He will be headlining the ‘BMSCE UTSAV 2017‘ happening on Apr 2, 2017. The event is taking place at Basavangudi and entry is free for all. Bangalore peeps should not miss this one out!

brodha v utsav fest

This will be Brodha V’s fifth independent music video. Brodha V’s videos have always been distinctive and enjoyable for everyone. He is easily one of the only English rappers from Indian underground to have garnered mainstream success. And rightfully so! Track after track V has given us visual treats with each of his drops, so we have high hopes for ‘Let Em Talk’. The name itself suggests the track is going to be hip-hop to the fullest!

Check the trailer for Let Em Talk here and share your views with us!