Born Without A Jaw, Rapper Gets His Voice Heard

Isaiah Acosta is a rapper who hasn’t spoken one word yet. Born and raised in Phoenix, United States, Isaiah releases his first. The track is called ‘Oxygen To Fly’ which he did with the help of an Arizona native rapper Trap House. Isaiah was born without his lower jaw and no means for oxygen to enter his body. Being unable to speak, the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals connected the teen to Trap House who raps the words written my Isaiah. Isaiah uses his smartphone to communicate with people. When asked what he wanted to achieve with this song he simply replied that he wanted to help kids around the world.

The song is about his struggles with living with a condition called Situs Inversus and his survival. This is the power of Hip-Hop and this story just proves “Hip-Hop can’t stop, won’t stop”. Furthermore, it proves why Isaiah is one extraordinary rapper in the game.

“I don’t even think Isaiah thought this was possible. You know he is mute and we and a lot of people have told us they haven’t seen anything like this,” – Isaiah’s Mom. 

This project stacked millions of views on facebook and now is a subject for a short film based on Isaiah’s life.

Watch a documentary on the whole project here:

“He’s got a voice with a pencil, I read a couple of lines and I cheered up cause I know what he wrote is going to impact a lot of people” – Isaiah’s Dad 

Learn more about the project and see how you came help with an initiative started by Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals here.

Watch the music video for ‘Oxygen To Fly’ here :

“My rap song is helping thousands and thousands of kids and teens around the world at CMNH If you buy My song your not just supporting me your giving back to many. If I can help one voiceless person out of all this. I feel I DID WHAT I HAD TO DO.” – Isaiah Acosta