“I Was Bored Of Riding Off The Beats From The Internet” Adro | Exclusive Interview


Mumbai’s Finest member, Adro, has been putting in work and promoting his upcoming EP, “#NOFuX”. He just dropped the video for “Psycho” and it is a trip itself. I have known Adro for quite some time and he is fearlessly out of the box and the video for Psycho is a perfect example of it.

I got an insiders scoop about the upcoming Mumbai’s Finest music as a group but that is a conversation for another day. As a matter of fact, everyone is involved doing their solo thing and working on individual projects. Adro also has a lot of his sleeve and this tape is just the tip of the iceberg. However, I caught up with Adro and we spoke about his upcoming tape, future projects and what else is in store for Adro.

Have a look at how our conversation went down :


SLYCK: What has Adro been up to ?

ADRO: I was laying low key for a while. Balancing my hustle, graduation and music together. I was bored of riding off the beats from the Internet. All I ever made was singles and features. That made me wanna make my own sounds and I started out laying pretty neat structured beats. Eventually, it gave me the concept of my EP.

SLYCK: What is the concept behind the tape, #NOFux?

ADRO: As I started to pile up some beats, I had an idea how to put out my own EP. Inspiration was achieved and then I started working on this EP which has 5 tracks in it. One hundred percent trap shit. #NOFuX were given while producing this flex af EP. I mixed, mastered and engineered the entire tape except for one track which is a collaboration with Frappe Ash. It is mixed by Rachit. Made me wanna pullout a lot of different rhyme structures hence bringing you a flow mayhem.

SLYCK: Is the tape entirely produced by you?

ADRO: Yes. Every single track on this tape is produced by me without using any samples. Just pure programming with trap souls.

SLYCK : Since when has the tape been in the works?

ADRO: I have been working on this EP since last two months.

SLYCK : How is the future looking looking for?

ADRO: I have a lot planned and I am bringing you a whole different vibe next time. I am rolling with my boys from Mumbai’s Finest all the time and we bring you bangers very often.

SLYCK : Any message for fans and followers ?

ADRO: I got love for everyone in the culture. I appreciate it if you like my music and i fucks with you all the way. real recognize real.