‘Boom Boom’ Fame Aman$udan Is Here With ‘Pathar’


Aman Sudan

Mumbai-based hip-hop artist, Aman$udan, has been in Ontario, Canada these days. Often confused to be a Pakistani by a majority of people. This immediate confusion of his identification has been troubling him a lot. He dropped a track ‘Boom Boom‘ in the September of 2016 and intentionally added references related with Shahid Afridi and Cricket in general. His latest release ‘Pathar‘ came out on March 8, 2017, and features a different style of concept.

He claims that religious people often mix their love for someone with their belief in god. That’s how the idea of creating this hook came to his mind. He created a story where a woman is comparing her loves’ behaviour with that of Shivas’. It’s a melody-driven track which has a majority of elements from R&B and Pop. So, if you’re here to find a hardcore rap track, I’m afraid it’s not the right thing for you.

HB produced this instrumental and reached out to him and that’s how this track was made. Alter Ego has engineered this track to deliver a soothing mix. Aman has been active on his Instagram handle and the cover art of finalised to give you all a glimpse of his lifestyle.

Listen to ‘Pathar’ by Aman$udan here: