“Bombay Scene Had Unity Back In The Days” November | Exclusive Interview


Formerly known as Cash Kardz, November recently made the announcement for his name change. He also announced himself as a part of the new duo, “Vibe Dealers”. “Di-vision” is November’s latest release under his new name. I have kicked it with the duo a couple of times in Bombay and also heard their unreleased music. Trust me, it sounds tight.

November started rapping way early in around 2008. He was in Chandigarh and his journey brought him to Mumbai. I caught up with him and discussed the reason behind his name change. We also spoke about his new duo and his latest release. He gave a very interesting answer when asked about the underground scenes in Bombay and Chandigarh. Have a look at how the conversation went down.

Slyck: Explain the significance behind the new name, “November”?

November: From being born in the month of November to November being my favourite month of the session, I’ve written some of my best material in and around this month. In our local Hindi dialect, “Navambar” when pronounced can be split into two words, “Nav” and “Ambar” (Little wordplay there). When translated into English, it leaves us with “New sky”. That’s what I am.

Slyck: You have also started a new duo, “Vibe Dealers”. Give us a little info about that.

November: Yes, We feel we are starting from the scratch and starting from the scratch is never easy but its exciting. We made it official now but Swish and I have been working together for the past three years now. ‘Vibe dealers’ is more than a duo, it’s a family. We have a street team, we have our extended families and affiliates.
Like minded individuals are welcome to be a part of the clique. I don’t want to give out too much information about VDE. Our music will reflect what we are about in coming time.

Slyck: The new track sounds good. What would you like to mention about it?

November: Thanks, fam. This track is about the struggles I go through and backlashes I suffer being a true hip-hop head in India. It’s about the problems Ii face as an underground artist who does not want to get into the mainstream and make music a riksha wala likes. (No offence to anybody but you get what I’m trying to say). The track is about the conflict between keeping it real and keeping it industry. I want to keep my uniqueness alive as an artist. That’s why the name ‘Di-vision’

Slyck: What do you think about the state of DesiHipHop ?

November: I’m not an avid desi hip hop listener TBH. 2 Years into the game and they start calling themselves vets, fuckboys claiming they are running the game. Big egos not aware of their roots. Their work does not speak volume of their words. Making a video doesn’t make a good rapper. Rapping good does. Everybody is so focused on the camera they have forgotten the mic. I fuck with a couple of em. I like Raga, Nasty Ninja, Divine, V, Mumbai’s Finest and a few more. They know who they are. But all in all, I’m just not excited man. I’m always in support of good music though. Let’s keep it moving for the culture.

Slyck: You recently moved from Bombay to Chandigarh. What similarities and differences do you find in the scene?

November: Yes, Moved back temporarily. Oh, good question, hard to answer. This might invite controversies so I’ll try to keep it brief and to the point. Bombay scene and Chandigarh scene are like poles apart. The culture is different, the mindset is different, the music is different. Sadly, In Chandigarh, there is no cypher or jam culture as such. Organising a cypher is a task here because A doesn’t fuck with C, B doesn’t fuck with D.

You already know what’s up. The live music scene/indie scene which had been taking a great shape in the city lately has been jeopardised due to the highway liquor ban. Chandigarh being a small city, built around highways has been critically affected. Bombay scene had unity back in the days, it was beautiful. Now you have groups and there is a lot of politics. Even if it’s not shown in front of the camera, it’s pretty visible behind the scenes. In Bombay, most of them want to go the gully. In Chandigarh, most of them want to rap like Bohemia. I don’t maybe we are just in a weird ass phase of time. Things are kinda dormant these days. Regardless, I represent and love both the cities. Wish to see a good change.

Slyck: How are your future events looking like?

November: You’ll know. We have some great music in the vault. We’ll be dropping some covers before we start working on self-produced beats. “Vibe dealers” is going to be that thing. They’ll talk about us.Mark my words. Peace out.