Do Not Miss Bombay Lokal’s Street Cypher This Sunday!


Hip-hop collective Bombay Lokal is going to organise a Street Cypher this coming Sunday and guess what ? the event is open to all! The recently formed group is all set to give a street performance with extraordinary hip-hop skills to showcase. Street Cypher will see B-boys, rappers, beatboxers from Vasai to Virar area come together and explore the culture.

Bombay Lokal is a hip-hop crew formed with a clear vision in mind. Hip-hop heads from the area wanted to take the initiative to give a boost to the culture. Bombay Lokal aims at bringing hip-hop heads from Vasai to Virar area together to promote different art forms.

bombay lokal hip hop collective

Weekly cyphers have been going on since few weeks turned to a few months now. And according to the crew, a lot of people have started showing interest. Thus, the crew is planning to expand with this upcoming street cypher. Rappers, B-boys and beatboxers have an open invitation to the street cypher

We got in touch with Aamir aka Shaikhspeare from Bombay Lokal to know a bit more about the Street Cypher. He stated:

We have organized a Street Cypher this coming Sunday in Nalasopara. It will be out in the open on a ‘less travelled road’ with beat boxers, breakers and rappers from the collective. We have been doing small cyphers in the streets almost every Sunday.”

Ever since the formation of the collective we realized that there are more people who are in the neighbourhood on vasai-virar who are into Hip-hop or want to learn and improve. They approached us to join in for cyphers as they didn’t have any such thing happening in the locality. So, we decided to put up a cover where anyone can join.”

Shaikhspeare signed off stating:

The idea is to bring hip-hop heads out from the internet to meet, interact and have fun all together. The reason for putting it out in the open is also to provide exposure to hip-hop elements and cyphers to the people here.”

Well, it’s quite an amazing initiative we must say!

Here are the full address and timings for Bombay Lokal’s Street Cypher. If you hail from nearby areas, don’t miss this one out!

Calling out all the hip-hop heads from Mumbai, India to join us for a street cypher happening this Sunday. We will be…

Posted by Bombay Lokal on Wednesday, April 19, 2017