Bombay Lokal Faces Police Harassment During Street Cypher

Hip-hop collective Bombay Lokal held their first biggest cypher this Sunday on the streets of Mumbai. As expected, the law had to interfere. Now, while it is true that a public gathering needs permission from the city, it is unfair to make undue use of power against the people. That is exactly what the Police did to Bombay Lokal.

According to a post by founder Aamir aka Shaikhspeare, the police took him into custody. Only fault of theirs was playing music through car and freestyling some rhymes! Knowing the situation, the cops did not fail to exercise their power and churn out some cash.

shaikhspeare bombay lokal street cypher

Shaikhspeare taken in custody by cops

Aamir stated that the cops blew the matter out of proportion and fined a hefty amount. Street Cypher was being held in a remote unpopulated road where civilians come to play sports. If politicians and religious leaders can blast slogans through loudspeakers for hours and hours, why can’t artists display their art on the streets? We aren’t hurting anybody!

Bombay Lokal’s street cypher saw a massive turn out which is so amazing to see! Rappers, beatboxers, b-boys from Vasai-Virar suburbs came down just for the love of hip hop. Surely this whole po-po façade must have been a buzz kill!

bombay lokal street cypher

Aamir posted a group photo of the huge crowd that showed up for the cypher. “The turn up was massive at the 1st “Street Cypher” organised by us. A huge thanks to everyone who came up and enjoyed the cypher with us. This picture was taken amidst the cypher sessions, post which cops intervened and stopped it,” Aamir said.

He further added, “However, as much as we did, it was amazing and we tend to push the culture further in here. This only motivates us to put a bigger cypher ensuring that there is not such interruption again. Next one to be announced soon. Shout out to all the breakers, beat boxers and rappers who were a part of it. Videos will be out soon. Keep supporting!”

Well Bombay Lokal has full support from Desi Hip Hop. Comment and let us know what you feel about this scenario!