Bombay Hip-Hop Mourns The Loss of ‘Uncle Hasan Shaikh’

Losing a loved one is never easy and our sincere condolences go out to the entire Bombay desi hip hop community for losing undoubtedly someone who had had a huge impact on many of them along with Mr Hasan Shaikh’s family..

Mr.Hasan Shaikh was fondly called ‘Hasan Sir’ or ‘Uncle Hasan’ by the Mumbai Hip-Hop community and was loved by everyone who’s life he touched. A lot of our favourite rappers from Bombay recorded with him and he also mentored them about how to approach music amongst other valuable life lessons.



Artists from Bombay such as Mumbais Finest, Divine, Enkore, Dopeadelicz and many more recorded under his guidance and at his facility, ‘Digital Dreams’. Hasan Sir was also very well reputed in Bollywood and had worked with various generations of musicians from the industry.



Many rappers from Bombay expressed their grief on social media platforms such as Facebook.

Diefferent from Mumbais Finest shared the following, “As I cry writing this post , I want everyone to know that Hasan Shaikh sir is no longer with us and has gone to a better place then this world .One of my biggest mentors and teachers and a very good critic .He was a person who was always smiling ready to share his positive energy with you and would never make you feel he was 62”

Ace from Mumbai’s Finest also put out a statement of condolence;

Enkore also posted the following, “Really sad newz, can barely type out a proper thank you too. Today we lost a home and a member of our fam who helped a bunch of us Mumbai rappers come closer to achieving our dreams, and all with love, good vibez and a great spirit. Thank you for all the memories, guidance and belief Hasan uncle, rest in peace. Love always, we’re gonna miss you.”

Vivian Divine also expressed how much of an influence Uncle Hasan was on him;

I had the good fortune of meeting up with Hasan Sir as well thanks to Ace from Mumbais finest who said the following about Hasan Sir, “Sir was a guide, a mentor, the best sound engineer and always positive and full of life. He was like a father figure to us and we shall miss him forever”.