Could Bollywood Stop Demolishing Hip-Hop?

Bollywood has a history when it comes to using rap music in their films. Some tracks stay and get positive reviews other tracks just straight up suck. If I had to tell you which tracks in which films the list will be very long. The audience will eventually get tired of the same content and bass heavy beats.

I love mainstream Hip-Hop but when the content gets repeated over and over again on a different beat I can’t defend it. The use of generic lyrics involving liquor, females and dancing is old now and is degrading Hip-Hop to a lower level. Bollywood takes away the creativity of the artist by throwing money around. There are exceptions of course when artists cover a topically themed track related to the film but then there are those stupid re-fixes too.

Hip-Hop since the start has been more than just a genre of music it became a way of life. As soon as artists let money guide their content it becomes a struggle for the listeners to vibe with their favourites. Rappers are supposed to be role models and I do respect the Mainstream music but when the same music starts to sound similar I can’t vibe with that.

Hip-Hop needs to go back to the roots but hey these are just my opinions. Do let us know what your opinions are on this topic on our facebook post.

Do you think Bollywood is demolishing or developing Hip-Hop? Share your comments with us!