Bohemia’s Verse In “Patake” Is Sonically Impressive!

Bohemia has proved it again that why he is still the best in the game. His latest release with Satti Satvinder, Patake”, is hot and interesting. Before this, Bohemia released his solo album Skulls and Bones” which was a complete masterpiece. Everyone knows how dedicated his fans really are.

The track “Patake” is his first collaboration after the release of the full album. The music of the track is produced by Haji Springer and the video was also shot by him. The lyrics of the track were written by Palwinder Kamali and the rap by penned down by Bohemia himself.

“Patake” talks about the rivals and how they handle all the fights. Unlike other Punjabi songs, Bohemia tried to give a message to the rivals that he is still the best in the game and will be the best in coming years as well.

Significant lyrics from the track:

Aje ve meray bola vich jaadu eh, aje ve meray te nahi kaabu,
Mera jiveh , aje ve veriyan de sinay kaad-kaljay kaada,
Meray bol jiveh chaku eh , aje ve naal ladako munday,
Kaale kapde paye jiveh daku munday

Watch “Patake” by Bohemia and Satti Satvinder here: