Bohemia’s ‘Skulls & Bones: The Final Chapter’ Is Out Now. Here’s The Complete Review


Bohemia is known for each and every album that he has ever dropped for the scene. His fans worship him like the almighty and can die to protect his name from accusations and controversies. Bohemia announced his fifth studio album ‘Skulls & Bones: The Final Chapter‘ for his fans and everyone has already witnessed the hype that this news has earned over a past few months. It’s now finally out and is exclusively available on iTunes, while T-Series will be promoting and distributing it worldwide for him.

‘Skulls & Bones: The Final Chapter’ was seen to be part of the Illuminati due to the use of its title and the eye that Bohemia decided to use on the front cover of the album. The album is completely written, composed, performed and produced by Bohemia himself and that’s the biggest reason that his fans were excited.

This album is all about hooks but that doesn’t mean that the verses on these tracks are not good; the melody-driven hooks on this album will reach out to casual hip-hop listeners as well. Skulls & Bones features several iconic hip-hop virtual and live instruments like Arpeggiators, Strings, Oscillators, Choirs, Flute, Percussions and several others. We’ll compare a few tracks on the album with his already released tracks to give you an idea of themes or musicality of the track. Here’s the breakdown of the entire album:



The track came out as the first promotional single off this album in October of 2016 and is the opening track of the album as well. ‘Zamana Jali’ is a Strings and Pads driven track that is brilliantly produced to give a slow and dark feel. Melodies on this one were composed very differently and the way Bohemia rode on this beat is amazing. “Mere piche-piche zamana jali” is sort of a subliminal shot on rappers who started off rapping by mimicking him.


Bijli‘ is a story of a girl who is sensible and responsible but is being used by this world. This is the second track on the album and talks about how she earns and takes care of everyone around her but no one really treats her as a priority. She is so carefree that boys are nothing in her life but the story starts to shift towards the opposite when she starts getting drunk and some guy at a bar takes her with him in a car and no one has ever since. Bohemia sort of changed his previously used line “Soni jive bijli di nangi taar” into “Ni tu bijli di nangi taar, Naale tainu choona ve gunaah” on the hook of this track and induced a really catchy melody in the composition. This is the longest track on the album that ends at 5 minutes and 30 seconds.


This is the third track on the album and is guaranteed to gain your attention as the snares and choirs used on this beat are placed very interestingly. “Titli, naazuk kalaaiyan, tikkhe-tikkhe naksh tere” is the opening line on the track and turns out to be the hook later. As the line suggests, ‘Titli’ is about praising the beauty of your one and only. Bohemia has done the same throughout the song and as I’ve mentioned above in the article, this album is about dulcet hooks and ‘Titli’ is one of the perfect examples of my statement.


‘Photo’ is the fourth track on the album and is our favourite of them all. The instrumental that Bohemia produced for this ‘Photo‘ is the darkest one on the album. This track is strictly based on choirs and arpeggiators and has sampled crowd cheers as an instrumental for it. After the first hook, one can easily hear his fans requesting him to meet his other fans while he is signing autographs for them. Bohemia decided to talk about how his life has changed from the sour memories that his mind holds of his childhood days. “Bachpane ch bajjeya nange pairi jede road te, ajj utte photo enni vaddi meri lagi Billboard te”. ‘Photo’ is a mix of his emotions, that reminds him of how he never had anything and a success that surrounds him now. This track is also a special dedication to his fans.


‘Dada’ was the most awaited track on the album as a video of Bohemia jamming on to this one went viral on the internet almost two years ago. This is the fifth track on the album and talks about how Bohemia is better than everyone out there. The word ‘Bohemia’ stands for a person who is not a follower but a creator of their own path. ‘Dada’ justifies his name. He talks about the respect that he gets in every part of the world and openly claims that no one is better than him. “Machine gun flow, chalaun ek goli mere vairi marein do” clearly talks about his lyricism.


Bohemia’s die-hard fans are comparing ‘Meri Jeet’ with his tracks from the ‘Pesa Nasha Pyar‘ days. This one is lyrically smart as lines like “Jo ladey, wo agge bade/ Jeda maut ton dare o hi pehla mare”, “Soni SMS di jagah te Snapchat kare/ Kehndi check kari kalle teri ankhaan layi cheez/ Soni strip kare video ch picche vajje mera geet” are definitely going to grab your attention. The hook on this track is catchy and probably the only thing that will bind you with the track unless and until you know the lyrics. This is the sixth track on the album and is already winning hearts worldwide because it was the second and the last promotional single before the album dropped today.


It’s definitely the most romantic track on the album. Pre-Hook: “Jaise hi teri meri nazar mili, saari duniya ko teri meri khabar mili” is followed by a proper R&B hook which was sung by Bohemia and trust me, it’s hard to judge. It has a commercial feel to it but creates a mood of peace as instrumentations used on this one are laid-back. Bohemia has used day to day words on this one which sounds perfect to the ears. If you’re a Bohemia fan and are in love, you’re definitely going to quote his lyrics on this track to your loved ones.


Gol Gol‘ is another love track but is the only love track on the album that’s up on tempo. I personally liked the vibe that this one created because it kinda sounds commercial but it’s not. What Bohemia did on ‘Kurti‘ is similar to what he has done on ‘Gol Gol’. He appreciates her earnings, her beauty and what not. On this eighth track, Bohemia admits that he likes to spend time with her by saying “Main GPS satellite vangu ird-gird ghuma tere gol-gol“.


“Hauli-Hauli challe Cadillac par lagge kinni tez challe/ Kudiyan da dil doley vekh mainu mundeyan da dil jalle” opens up the track and gives an idea that it’s about swag. Bohemia and Cadillac go hand in hand with his music. His fans would have complained if there was no Cadillac on this album. It’s based on the classic west-coast oscillator-driven melodic hip-hop. This track sounds good as the sound engineer has used a plenty of Vox FX on Bohemia’s vocal layers. Fans who love ‘Char Sau Bees‘ are going to bump this one forever.


Last track on the album is ‘Lak Da Hulara‘. I know what you all were guessing before playing it but it’s different, right? It’s a love track but it’s not about stars and the moon. If you want to compare this one with his previous tracks then ‘Laila‘ is the closest one to ‘Lak Da Hulara’ in our opinion. It’s all about praising a girl’s beauty and how the way she likes to dress up is making him fall in love with her. Bohemia’s vocals are worth noticing because the harmonies and melodies that he has used are going brilliantly with the track.

Bohemia has confirmed the release by posting a photo of himself from his recent show in New Zealand and thanked everyone who believed in him and especially thanked T-Series.

‪'Skull and Bones the final chapter' is finally out! Thank you all for believing in me. A big shoutout to my home label T-Series 🙏🏽‬

Posted by BOHEMIA the punjabi rapper on Sunday, February 12, 2017

Some of his fans are saying that Bohemia has released all his leftover tracks from ‘Thousand Thoughts‘ while some of them really don’t care about it. What’s your opinion on this release? Let us know in the comments down below.