Bohemia’s ‘Skull & Bones: The Final Chapter’ Is Finally Coming Out

After the release of two promotional singles from one of the most awaited albums ‘Skull & Bones: The Final Chapter‘, Bohemia has already boosted the hype for his next big album drop. ‘Zamana Jali’ and ‘Meri Jeet’ have already left their mark on the music scene and have eventually resulted in high expectations amongst his fans for the album.

We all know how huge Bohemia’s fan base is. He has always credited his fans for encouraging him to deliver good music every time. Now, after the release of the second song ‘Meri Jeet’ on February 9, 2017, his fans are excited for the album as they know that they final release is not too far now.


‘Skull & Bones: The Final Chapter’ is already available for pre-orders on iTunes for his fans who’re willing to order it prior it’s release on February 13, 2017. T-Series has helped him in the promotions and distributions of the album worldwide. Few of the tracks from the album which I am looking forward to (apart from the already released ones) are ‘Dada’ and ‘Cadillac’.

The track list of the album came out months ago and everyone is excited for what Bohemia has planned to deliver to his audience this year. This could be his last album as ‘The Last Chapter‘ on the album title is suggesting the same. Tell us about your excitement in the comments down below.