Bohemia’s ‘Meri Jeet’ Leaks Online One Day Before Big T-Series Release

Skull and Bones is one of the most hyped and highly anticipated albums right now in the Desi Hip Hop scene. With a recently signing to T-series, Bohemia is all set to release the album. The track ‘Meri Jeet‘ is due to release on the T-series but the track has leaked onto social media via a third party.

Bohemia posted this status in preparation for the release.

Piracy’s latest victim Bohemia isn’t going to be too happy about the leak, and we’re sure neither will T-Series.

The marketing campaign for this project has been extensive and this leak just damages the number of streams and downloads, which in the end is money in his pocket. I wouldn’t disclose the link to the audio as it is disrespectful to the art that the artists create. Right now an approx figure of 20,000 downloads have happened already without the track being officially released.

Currently according to my research the track has been up for the past 14 hours on 4 different third party illegal sites.

We hope this doesn’t affect the success of the track and hackers or the people who leaked the track should know better and not damage the art of an artist. Well wishes to Bohemia was launching this project.