Bohemia is Winning Hearts With ‘Meri Jeet’

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Meri Jeet‘ by Bohemia was announced last week by T-Series which was followed by the announcement of him joining hands with T-Series for his future releases. Unfortunately, the audio of ‘Meri Jeet’ leaked out on the internet yesterday due to its sudden availability on iTunes.


T-Series released the video of ‘Meri jeet’ today through their YouTube channel as they’re handling the promotion and the distribution of his forthcoming album ‘Skulls & Bones: The Last Chapter‘.

Bohemia’s die-hard fans are comparing ‘Meri Jeet’ with his tracks from the ‘Pesa Nasha Pyar‘ days. This one is lyrically smart as lines like “Jo ladey, wo agge bade/ Jeda maut ton dare o hi pehla mare”, “Soni SMS di jagah te Snapchat kare/ Kehndi check kari kalle teri ankhaan layi cheez/ Soni strip kare video ch picche vajje mera geet” are definitely going to grab your attention. The hook on this track is catchy and probably the only thing that you’ll understand initially as the flow used by him on both of the verses is different from what Bohemia is known for.

Bohemia has written, performed, composed and produced this track on his own like the old days. That’s another reason behind the excitement from his fans for the album. It seems like J. Hind is stepping in the direction game. It’s his second video after ‘M.T.B.K.‘ and this one is even better. ‘Meri Jeet’ was shot in Las Vegas and you can see Bohemia having some drinks and cigars with his homies from the west.

This video has already crossed 250,000 views in 24 hours from it’s release and is still growing.

Watch ‘Meri Jeet’ by Bohemia here: