Bohemia Is Upset About Something But What ?

As everyone is getting excited for the New Year, the king of Punjabi rap ‘Bohemia‘ does not seem to be fitting into the festive mood. He recently uploaded a photo which was entirely black and had the following caption.

Disgusted discouraged depressed by your comments! All for saving you from fakes out to steal YOUR money. This is how you thank me? I’m done.‬” Update: (Original Post Deleted From Page)

Whose gratitude is Bohemia questioning and who are the folks who disgusted him. In order to find answers, I tried to go back to the photo but found the photo was removed. The further search leads me to something which made some sense to me. Just a day before he uploaded a post complaining about a few people who were trying to impersonate his management, they were spreading rumors about his gigs and shows Pakistan probably for some monetary or financial benefits.

The post said:

Sad to see people in Pakistan pretending to be my family and act like my management. Please be aware: Only name to trust is Mr. Farrukh Khan of High Life Bahrain.


Bohemia is not the type of rapper to be very vocal about such stuff but for once, he decided to take charge of things. Although there is no harm in the post but a few of the comments are very harsh and the black screen shot could be in response to those comments. I am as unaware as anyone else on the street and whatever you have read above is only a calculated guess.