Is Bohemia Still The King In The Game ?

Is Bohemia still the king in the Game?

Let’s begin this article by remembering all old songs which made every one of us Bohemia’s fan. The songs like ‘Kali Denali’ , ‘420‘, ‘Ek Tera Pyaar’ etc. and the days when we proudly played his songs in loud music with the full bass and acted cool as no one else was.

Now with all respect to Bohemia and his fans, I would like to ask a question, is Bohemia still the king in the game? According to me, he is struggling as the competition is high. I miss those early days when I eagerly wait for his new release and even his previous songs were on repeat.

We all respect him and see him as the founder of ‘Punjabi Rap’ or ‘Desi Hip Hop’, but is he doing justice to the title given to him with his recent new release?

Bohemia has released 5 albums in total named as ‘Vich Pardesaan De’ , ‘Pesa Nasha Pyaar’ , ‘Da Rapstar’, ‘Thousand Thoughts’ and the recent one ‘Skull and Bones – The Final Chapter’ out of these ‘Da Rapstar’ released in 2009 and ‘Thousand Thoughts’ released in 2012 were the most hit ones and were largely played almost everywhere.

Talking of current situation there are lot’s of established rap artists and much more in the underground who are willing to take over the game by storm and at this time Bohemia should really show them that he’s the real king instead of talking about his previous releases and repeating the old lyrics.

I have no personal issue with Bohemia and believe me I’m his big fan as anyone of you but all I want is the same kind of rap songs of Bohemia which made us his fans back then. We don’t need any of his commercial work and any of his collaboration with any other artist but just the proper rap tracks which he did in his early days.

With this said, now you guys can react and give your views about some of the recent releases of Bohemia and what do you think about it. Is he still the king in the Game?