Bohemia Speaks About His Foul Habits

Bohemia is a brand himself, he has been like a GOD for many desi hip hop fans and artists, his legacy can never be matched but even being so widely worshiped, like all of us. he has some bad habits that we all are aware of. But thankfully, he has given up a few of his foul habits, and that’s thanks to Abrar Ul Haq that Bohemia has abstained his bad habits.

Bohemia posted the following on his twitter handle along with a pic of him with Abrar Ul Haq:

We have all been aware of his bad habits as he has been constantly talking about weed and alcohol in his songs, we cannot deny the fact that it’s been making a negative impact on the youth of the country, though he’s not destined to do that but we Indians have a bad habit of picking up bad habits pretty quickly!

This post of his also shows his current mindset in his personal life and shows his need to acquire a sober lifestyle. He has never been too open about his personal life, which also indicates that he’s trying to open up a bit and wants to connect to a bigger masses and not just teenagers.

We hope that this gesture of his will make a positive impact on the masses who are indulged in smoking and drinking and they will understand the message hidden in his words and will lead a good sober life.

Say no to Drugs!