The “King Of Punjabi Rap” Bohemia Reached 1M Followers On Twitter

Bohemia Twitter Image

On 26th March’17, history was made when the numbers of followers of our very own king of Punjabi rap Bohemia crossed the 1 million mark on Twitter, apart from Badshah and Honey Singh who has 1.1 Million & 3.3 Million followers respectively, if we take into account the celebrities of Hollywood, rakes in the million but the thing about desi hip hop is that it has a very limited audience, by which we mean to say is that desi hip hop is mostly heard by the diaspora of South-Asian origin, and crossing the 1 million followers mark in that audience is a very big deal, if truth be told, it not which could done in a few months or a year, what it requires is decades of perseverance, focus, willpower, dedication, all the traits which make a man successful, and Bohemia is the epitome of that man, he is living example as to what a person can achieve with all the above traits and if he uses it wisely. Bohemia started his journey all the way back in 2002 when he was just another brick on the wall, a desi rapper in a foreign land trying his hard to make a name for himself.

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Bohemia didn’t allow his failures and hardships bring him down, instead, it provided all the impetus he ever needed for him to work harder, better, smarter the next time. And after 15 years the result are in front of us, Bohemia is the undisputed king of Punjabi rap, and no one can take his place, it is like a certain individual is born onto this Earth for a specific purpose and the purpose of Bohemia birth was him becoming one the world renowned Punjabi rappers of all time. And we have the numbers to prove it , 1 million followers is no ordinary number and the best of the best get exhausted in the process to rake up that number of followers and yet our beloved ‘Raja’ has done it and we are sure it is going to increase exponentially over the years and we are so happy for that. What we can also infer from this also that Bohemia could become a role model for the new generations of desi rappers and be like a beacon, of what perseverance, willpower, focus and dedication can get you. If you want the whole world to know about even before you have met them, you can do so if you have enough courage to go on in the face of overwhelming odds, we bet no one will be able to stop you ever.