Bohemia Quits Smoking & Alcohol For his Fans

It’s coming to the end of the year and the Bohemia news doesn’t seem to be slowing down, things like Akshay Kumar is playing the rapper in his new biopic which is written by Bohemia himself, moreover KDM‘s beef with Raftaar & Manj Musik which caused quite a stir when it was made public on twitter with both taking direct shots at each other.

Now here is some good news for his fans, Bohemia posted a picture of him inhaling oxygen as he commented in his post “FACT: I’ve been alcohol and smoke-free for over a month, oxygen is my only drug now. #ificandoitsocanyou #change #saynotodrugs” below we have attached the picture of what picture Bohemia shared on social media.

His fans follow him as God and one even mentioned “Salute You Sir! I’m totally Inspired By your Step.. I’ll also Quit Smoking Weed from Tomorrow. This is a really good sign when a large audience is following an artist like him which will cause a positive change in his fans. His fans can also go a little overboard, they even cut themselves, write his name on their arms make face tattoos, and some more crazy antics.

This is a great step rapper took after the release of ‘Zamana Jali‘ & the album ‘Skull & Bones’ which is still to be released by T-Series.

So are you a Bohemian ? Comment down what was your reaction when Bohemia the punjabi rapper shared this image on social media.