Is Bohemia A Part Of The Illuminati…?

Bohemia is considered as the father of ‘Desi Hip-Hop‘ and since the very beginning, where there’s Bohemia, controversy isn’t far behind.. His juniors from the same genre like ‘Raftaar‘, ‘Badshah‘ and others are compared to him by their fans and this is exactly what troubles Bohemia’s fans.

Bohemia has called out many artists on stage like Raftaar, Badshah, Honey Singh and Manj Musik, he’s claimed that ‘Desi Hip-Hop’ as his genre. He also commented on how he should not be compared with these artists as their sound is Bollywood and definitely not rap.

Roger David

One of Bohemias’ controversies became famous when his show at Hansraj College, Delhi was declared a flop event in an article featured in the ‘Paid Section’ of HT City. Honestly, I was at the event and trust me it was astounding. DJ Hitesh, who is Bohemia’s official DJ, opened the set for him and later made the crowd go berserk.

Bohemia has just released ‘Zamana Jali‘, which is already a buzz and has created real anticipation among his fans for his next (and last) album. On the other hand, some are trying to ‘expose’ Bohemia by a theory that suggests he is being supported by the infamous secret society the ‘Illuminati’.

For the rest of this article, we will refer to Bohemia by his original name Roger David.

Recently, a video surfaced online titled as ‘Bohemia Punjabi Rap Star Skull and Bones Illuminati Exposed’. The title itself creates a sense of curiosity when you read it for the first time. Illuminati, for those who don’t know, is considered to be a cult or a secret society who are allegedly controlling the world affairs by placing their officials or cult members in the government and higher places in business and society to take the world towards a ‘New World Order’. Their representatives are said to have a high influence over the people which helps them in influencing the world.

The guy who uploaded this video on his YouTube channel الماس یعقوب (which Google translates to Jacob Diamond) claims to be a ‘Watcher of the World‘ and tried to prove his perception of Bohemia being a part of Illuminati and maybe even have some logic only if you believe him.

His theory suggests:


KDM                                          (Logo of Kali Denali Music)                                  (Logo of ‘Skull & Bones’)

Roger is the boss of Kali Denali Music and is all set to release his forthcoming album, ‘Skull & Bones:The Last Chapter’. The cover of album instantly got the attention of the people who believe in this conspiracy. The cover art of the album features an eye that is also seen in the logo of Illuminati. Also, The ‘Skull & Bones‘ is a group or a society that is said to be a part of the families that control the Illuminati. The logo of K.D.M. music also features the same logo as this society has.



  (Depiction of Cremation of Care at Bohemian Grove, California)

The watcher targeted Roger for selecting his stage name, ‘Bohemia’. He claims Roger became Bohemia because he is a part of ‘Bohemian Club’ who owns ‘Bohemian Grove‘ which is located in Bohemian Avenue, Monte Rio, California. This club is said to have members from other secret societies like ‘Skulls & Bones’ who gather together every year in the month of July to make a sacrifice in front of an owl like structure (shown in the picture above) as a ritual which is called ‘Cremation of Care‘. Roger is also based in California which helped him in proving his point. He also claimed Bohemia to have sacrificed the life of his friend before releasing ‘Vich Pardesan De’.


‘West Coast Hand Sign’ (Top Left), ‘Triad Claw’ (Top Right)

Bohemia Hand Sign                    ‘666 Hand Sign’ & ‘Marrano’s ‘M” (Bottom Left) & ‘666 Symbol with an Eye’ (Bottom Right)

Roger and other Hip-Hop artists from the west side of America are famous for their ‘West Coast-W’ hand sign. The original hand sign is called ‘Triad Claw’ or ‘Marrano’s ‘M’ Sign’ which was used by richest people from Europe in the 15th century and it still exists in the world. He is also famous for his other hand sign that is said to be a ‘666 Hand Sign’ which is considered as a Satanic figure.


Bohemia FF

Bohemia’s image in the industry is that of a rebel and a trendsetter. People are often frightened of his presence in the industry as his fan base is huge and they worship him as a ‘God’. From getting inked with his face to cutting their arms to write his name in blood and painting him, etc. fans have done it all. His theory suggests, “If Bohemia is a member of  the ‘Bohemian Club’ and worships Satan and has sacrificed his friend’s life for becoming the leader of a group (his fans) ‘Bohemians’, this theory makes sense.” Basically, They sacrifice their blood for him and indirectly worship Satan that will help the secret societies to take them towards a ‘New World Order’.

This video came out last week and was all over the social media but yesterday was a bit different. Bohemia himself shared this video under the caption “You throw dirt on my name, I still wish peace upon your soul.”

The decision is to believe in this theory or consider it false lays in your hand. We are amazed to see the details he has worked on to make such a big claim. Is he right or not?

Check out the full video from the link below and let us know your opinions in the comments below.