Bohemia Latest Pic 2014 (11)

Desi Hip Hop- It is supposed to be an act which touches your heart and runs through your veins.

And Rapstar- No, we don’t need to define that word, It’s Bohemia!

This guy needs no introduction, his name says it all. He is considered as the king and the father of Desi Hip Hop! He proved his mettle in the industry and struggled to make his mark. Today, Punjabi rap is known all over the world. No doubt, there are great rappers in the game today, but believe it or not, Bohemia is the reason rap exist for us DESI’s.

Bohemia gained his popularity in the year 2003 with his independent debut album, ‘Vich Pardesan De’ which hit the Top Ten on BBC Radio 1 UK. Following it was his second album, ‘Pesa Nasha Pyaar’ which became the first Punjabi rap album released by a major record label in the history of desi hip hop. It also brought his creation of Punjabi Rap to mainstream recognition making Bohemia the pioneer of a new genre of music Desi-Hip-Hop or Desi Rap.  In 2006 Pesa Nasha Pyar hits #2 on Maximum Top 10 Downloads, and # 3 on Planet-M Chart. Bohemia also appeared in XXL Magazine, which is New York based.

Now, Coming to the real question “Has Bohemia lost that raw desi hip hop sound”?

Known for his smooth soul touching poetic rap music, his flow is considered the best in the game. Bohemia once quoted that he will never enter into commercial music, he always stuck to his style of music and made a name for himself. But it all got changed  in the year 2009, when he entered Bollywood with the title track for Warner Bros feature film ‘Chandni Chowk to China’, in which he also appeared in the film with Akshay Kumar and Deepika Padukone.

Last year Bohemia featured in a song called ‘Club Pub’ in which his flow and style of rapping was completely different what it used to be in the past years. We are not criticizing anybody here, we are just showing what we noticed, We all love Bohemia and his music but we just want that old Bohemia back with his great music which has inspired a lot of young rappers.

We have still not answered the question; We are leaving it up to you to decide. Watch this video and you will get the answer.