Bohemia and Lazarus collaboration,’MTBK’ crosses a Million views

Just a few days ago we posted an article about ‘MTBK‘ by Bohemia and Lazarus and how it is a game changer. The fans have been rejoicing the release and it spread like a wildfire. In a time where people judge content only via plays and views, MTBK just crossed a million views on YouTube and the count is still piling. The last time I checked it had 1,182,770 views.


Some people are loving it for the Lazarus verse, some are loving it for the Bohemia verse and some are loving the production. I personally feel the whole track is a perfect blend of everything and it is this perfect ratio which has helped it gaining a mass appeal. Shaxe and Deep Jandu added the perfect elements to take this track to the next level and become a favorite.
Check out the video right here.

Lazarus told the following exclusively to “I want to thank all the fans for their support. They bred life into this record. And the sole intention going into this project was to give the fans what they wanted.” KDM just announced the LEGENDS Tour to Australia and it will be featuring Bohemia, Lazarus, Gitta Bains, Deep Jandu, Sukhe Muzical Doctors, Shaxe Oriah and J.Hind. Seems like MTBK is off to a flying start in 2017.