Bohemia Is About To Drop Another Fresh Track For Every Bohemian

Bohemia is by far the most loved desi hip-hop artist in the game right now. His fans worship him and there’s no doubt about that. He has been shaping the game for all the desi rappers out there for over a decade now. It doesn’t matter who you heard the term ‘Rap’ from for the first time, and it doesn’t even matter if Bohemia was the first rapper you ever heard or not.

He is the reason that rap industry started growing for the desi audience globally. He is the first one who reached the desi audience and inspired them to make a living out of it.

His fans were eagerly waiting for a proper hip-hop release by Bohemia and here is the announcement that you all were waiting for.

T-Series who are handling the promotion and the distribution of his forthcoming album ‘Skulls & Bones: The Last Chapter‘ uploaded the back cover of his album on their social media yesterday. But this time, the purpose was different. They promised that they were going to announce something about it on the next day i.e. today.

Bohemia’s next release ‘Meri Jeet‘ is coming out on February 8, 2017. It’s the second single that is coming out off the album after ‘Zamana Jali‘ which came out three months ago. It is the sixth track on ‘Skulls & Bones: The Last Chapter’ as suggested by the back cover. Bohemia has confirmed that the music was composed and produced by him and everyone knows he is not the kind who prefers ghost-writers for writing down his lyrics. T-Series even released a motion poster with this announcement which features a small audio demo of the track. It sounds like a classic old-school track with west-coast style Piano-driven riffs fused with some new school drums and synthesizers. But, that’s a judgment.

There’s no news on the video and the release date of the album yet but we’re sure that his fans are waiting for it very eagerly and Bohemia is not going to let them down.

Watch the motion poster of ‘Meri Jeet’ here: