Bohemia Coming With Another Track

The fever of “Skull and Bones” is not over yet and Bohemia is dropping another track in collaboration with Satti Satvinder.The track is named as “Patake” and featured Bohemia alongside Satti Satvinder , the music of the track is given by Haji springer and is scheduled to be released on 6th of April. This will be Bohemia’s first track after the release of his album “Skull and Bones”.

Few weeks ago we also saw a post by Bohemia & Haji on their social media , sharing the news of “Skull and Bones” Volume 2 #SNBV2His fans were eagerly waiting for more news from the “SABV2” but were not ready for this track named “Patake”, it seems like Raja is surprising his fans with each post he’s making on social media.

With this track coming, he is keeping the balance between the proper hip-hop rap and commercial rap as he has done it earlier and is ruling the heart of his fans.