Is Bohemia Collaborating With UK Rapper Maz Bonafide?

Based on information from one of our most trusted source, the social media, a speculation is arising. It is that the King of Desi Hip Hop, Bohemia, is in talks with rapper Maz Bonafide to produce a song. If this information turns out to be true in any sense, then the whole hip hop community is in for a treat. The chatter started that both the artist are in talks to produce a song when Maz posted a picture of himself and Bohemia, talking to each other. He wrote a post which I quote, “What were @iambohemia & I discussing?”.

Both of them are wonderful rappers, and both of the artists are in their long career as rappers have given some out of the world songs to the hip hop audience. Bohemia has been releasing songs since time immemorial and Mz Bonafide when he entered in our world created a storm so strong that he shook the foundations of the whole industry, so much so that even Bohemia noticed the talented of the UK based rapper.

Checkout Kalidenalimusic’s Instagram post discussing Maz Bonafide here:

Most people are aware of Bohemia and his talents and his songs but Maz Bonafide is well known to a very small section of the hip-hop audience. We are here to change that because honestly he should not be known to just a section of the audience, but instead everyone. He has earned that right through his hard work and determination and he has such an immense talent within him that it is oozing out of him in every song he sings, and that is why we would be talking about him more.

Maz Bonafide Image

Well Maz Bonafide, real name Maz Hussain Raja, is also the member of the group Bonafide. Thus the usage of the word Bonafide in his stage name. He is a UK based rapper whose family moved to there in the 80s, where he met the second member of the band Bonafide, Ziggy. Through his friendship with Ziggy, Maz started to explore his talents in music. With acts like singing ‘Cappella’ to the latest RnB tracks to beat boxing and on rapping to the freshest hip hop tunes they could get their hands on. Through all his trials and test he and his best friend Ziggy came out a seasoned rapper and form the rap group ‘BONAFIDE’, which later on became a popular group among the British diaspora. Both Maz and Ziggy are of Pakistani origin, and they are also singers, composers and song writers.

Following 2008, the group has released songs which have topped the charts of many musical fora. They have also worked with well-established artists such as Bilal Saeed, Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. Maz through his group has done philanthropist work such as raising around 70 Lakh for the victims of Pakistan flood through their charity single song ‘Jeevay Pakistan’ which was sponsored by Lebara. The song consisted of many celebrities which included Annie Khalid who is a good friend of both Maz and Ziggy, Pakistani cricketers and much more.

The song ‘Jaan’ by Maz Bonafide broke all records when it became the 1st song to reach number one spot in the ‘iTunes World Music Chart’ 3 weeks before the date on which it was to be released purely based on pre-orders. Bonafide has performed in many cities around the world like New York, Paris, Glasgow, Cardiff, Brussels, London, Dubai and much more.

It was Mr Fritz, who was the director of Supreme Dream Records. At that time when he noticed both Maz and Ziggy when he heard one of their songs and recognised the talent they had. He immediately signed them up because what he thought that the song was sung by some American rapper was in reality sung by two youngsters of Asian origin from Rochdale in Manchester, England.

And keeping in mind the platform given by Mr Fritz Maz is dishing out wonderful and brilliant songs and enthralling the masses.