Bohemia Coming Back To Bollywood?

Recently the pioneer of Desi Hip Hop, Bohemia, shared with us a picture of him in the Cine Blitz Magazine. The picture itself is interesting but the caption was a real surprise for the people and the Desi Hip Hop scene.

Bohemia Back At bollywood

The Caption read –
“Thank you Cine Blitz Magazine for this massive coverage. S/o to my team at VSG Mumbai. Bollywood here I come. Page 31.” From it is easy to conclude that the Punjabi rap star is all set to work with Bollywood again.  We can only wait for more news and update in this story but assumptions could definitely be made with this article.

We definitely should expect fire seeing that all of Bohemia’s work with Bollywood has been dope and a hit performing well on the charts. His work with especially Akshay Kumar has been incredible so it might be assumed the flick has some Akshay Kumar involvement. Hell! it might even be a Bohemia documentary as there are some rumors floating around. If that’s the case that documentary is going to be a game changer for sure and would be a must watch for every Desi Hip Hop addict.

The last time Bohemia worked with the film industry was on Speedy Singhs which was a Canadian hockey flick released in 2011 and since then he has been away from the film industry. He did a track for the movie titled Sansaar.

Whether it is a documentary or soundtracks, either way, we can all relax as whatever this might be it is going to be a game changer for sure since Bohemia is returning to the film industry.

What are your opinions on this news?