Bohemia Is Back With A Bang In ‘Zamana Jali’


We told you that we were excited for Bohemia‘s new video and we still stand behind that claim. The first video from his 5th studio album, ‘Skull & Bones‘ is here and it was worth the wait.


The creator of Punjabi rap is back and is going straight for the throne but with no misogyny and braggadocio, he actually does some real talk in Zamana Jali. It also reveals a certain distressed side of Bohemia due to the dissembled people around him, his bars tell how anguished he is on two-faced people around him. It is good to see Bohemia back in his classic 2008-2009 lyrical stylings. His harsh but partly poetic delivery brings out the best in the track.

The opening bars to the first verse are my favorite –
But Asli Aje Vi Main
Ve Jive Nasli Ve Jedi Mere Ch Sheh Ve Par
Bas Nai Mainu Mere Te Mai Ve
Duniya Ch Dus Nai Iko Main Ve Mere
Piche-piche Zamaana Jaali

In the video Bohemia is seen having a glimpse of the world on TV. He reflects on what he is seeing these days through his rhymes while maintaining his composure.

The Bohemians have gone bonkers and are sharing this by the minute. On my first check the video has 6000 views within an hour of its release, on my next visit 1 hour later the video had crossed 30,000 views, if this is not viral then what is ?

Ladies and Gentlemen, Bohemia is back and with a bang and you should check it out.