Bohemia : An Aggressive Poet or a Family Man?


Roger David famously known as Bohemia is not a new name to Desi Hip-Hop audience. Considered as the father of Punjabi & Urdu rap, his style of music is sometimes said to have a semi-gangster approach. His latest release ‘Zamana Jali’ instantly became a hit & is already popular amongst his fans. Kali Denali Music’s boss is all set to release his fourth studio album ‘Skulls & Bones : The Last Chapter’, later this year.

Like all of us, Bohemia is no different when it comes to his affection for family. He has talked about his father’s in his music & his affection for his mother. In tracks like ‘Chordo’, he has discussed about the same in the lines where he said “Mainu sangeet mere peyo ne sikhaya, Meri Maa di gallan ne mainu aadmi banaya” and in his songs like ‘Future’ and others have mentions of his affection for his family.


Recently, he posted a picture on his Instagram with his father where he captioned his post with the closing lines of his verse from ‘Zamana Jali’ as “Hun ovi dekhe mainu maa di gali ve kehnde beta dhyan naal chali zamana jali”. His fans were super excited to see his father which resulted in a massive number of shares on this particular image.

This is not the first time he has posted images with his family. Photos of his marriage were not posted by him but were leaked online. An image of him with his mother also went viral through his Instagram.


We haven’t seen this much about his family in all of these years. May be because of his residence in California which helps him in leading a low-profile life on social media. We just hope to see more of his family in the near future.