Big Sean Joins #FixThePipes Campaign!

Big Sean‘s fourth studio album recently was certified gold with over 500,000 unit sales. Big Sean songs have been consistently successful in the hip hop scene.On the other hand, the Detroit native, Big Sean, joined the #FixThePipes campaign which deals with Flint’s water crisis. Flint, situated in Michigan, faced a crisis in 2014 where their water source was contaminated and residents were exposed to high levels of lead.

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As a matter of fact, the cause spread all over with many celebrities endorsing it. The #FixThePipes campaign started by Green For All is also endorsed by Common, Van Jones, Russell Simmons and Frances Fisher. Likewise, Big Sean, back in 2016, donated towards a different campaign helping the kids of Flint, the campaign was called “#HealFlintKids“.

“It’s been three years since Flint’s poisoning, and city residents are still years away from getting needed relief. That’s why we launched #FixThePipes – to help Flint families get the help they need now,” -Vien Truong, director of Green For All

However, Green For All is looking to raise  raise over $500,000 for its campaign. You could get involved with the campaign by clicking here.

One Man Can Definitely Change The World.