Big Sean Joins #FixThePipes Campaign!

Big Sean‘s fourth studio album recently was certified gold with over 500,000 unit sales. On the other hand, the Detroit native, Big Sean, joined the #FixThePipes campaign which deals with Flint’s water crisis. Flint, situated in Michigan, faced a crisis in 2014 where their water source was contaminated and residents were exposed to high levels of lead.

As a matter of fact, the cause spread all over with many celebrities endorsing it. The #FixThePipes campaign started by Green For All is also endorsed by Common, Van Jones, Russell Simmons and Frances Fisher. Likewise, Big Sean, back in 2016, donated towards a different campaign helping the kids of Flint, the campaign was called “#HealFlintKids“.

“It’s been three years since Flint’s poisoning, and city residents are still years away from getting needed relief. That’s why we launched #FixThePipes – to help Flint families get the help they need now,” -Vien Truong, director of Green For All

However, Green For All is looking to raise  raise over $500,000 for its campaign. You could get involved with the campaign by clicking here.

One Man Can Definitely Change The World.