Big Deal’s ‘One Kid With A Dream’ EP Is More Than What It Seems


Samir Mohanty is known as Big Deal in the music business. A Bengaluru-based music producer and Hip-Hop artist who has his roots in Orissa, India. He was destined to a Japanese mother and an Oriya father who built up his enthusiasm for music. His enthusiasm towards music took it’s flight and developed him into a standout amongst the most respected artists in the underground music scene at this moment.

His EP came out this month and the pressure on him was real. His EP ‘One Kid With A Dream‘ is one of the most anticipated EPs I’ve ever seen. Period. Most of you all might already have heard the only promotional single ‘One Kid‘ that came out before the release of his EP. To review his EP, I decided to dig even deeper in the release. Here’s what I feel about it.

One Kid With a Dream

1. ‘INTRO’

‘One Kid With A Dream’ is a seven track long EP. Big Deal has lined up each track very wisely to give you a transition of the events that he decided to talk about one after another. ‘Intro’ is all about asking everyone if anyone else dreams of achieving something in their life or not. He further discusses how he only had one shot that he could have taken or left. He decided to take that shot at life and that ‘One Kid With A Dream’ is now here to tell you everything about his journey.

2. ‘ONE KID’

‘One Kid’ is the second track on the EP. It’s a story of him being considered as a foreigner throughout his years in school. He discusses how he was bullied in Orissa and Darjeeling where he was destined for his education. This track features some brave lyricism about how he his sexuality was questioned and how he educated himself for the sake of his parents and later ended up being a rapper professionally. He asks everyone who is a dreamer to get up on their feet and prove their existence in this world. It’s a story-telling track that he decided to create on an instrumental that gives a contrast to the track. It has everything for a listener.


Track number three is ‘Look Upto’ which is all about how he never had any role model in this game and how he was haunted by the word ‘ambition’. This is a piano-driven instrumental that features his story of losing hope and gathering his courage again at times to finally make it in the scene. He talks to his parents about how they were not sure about his decision then but now he has made them proud now by doing it big. Big Deal has sung the hook of this track very impressively. To sum up, this track is about growth.


‘I Hate You’ is the fourth line-up on this EP. This track features a classic Bollywood dialogue by Lt. Rajesh Khanna in the beginning which fades into the track itself. Big Deal starts off by saying “Hate is a very strong word” and later says “I hate you, I swear I fu*kin’ hate you” on the hook. It’s all about how a girl was pulling him down in his life and how she was good for nothing. This beat is one of the best instrumentals on the EP and what Big Deal did on it is worth the appreciation.

One Kid With A Dream


The fifth track on ‘One Kid With A Dream is this beautiful piece ‘Wrong This Time’ that features Mar Jamir. This is the most mellifluous track on the EP. It’s all about how wisely he has been taking each step in his life now just because whatever he did was considered wrong by everyone. He seeks support in this track and demands that he don’t want to be wrong this time. It’s sort of an apology for whatever he did intentionally or out of some unpremeditated activities.


This track has a lot of positive vibes even when it sounds dark. Hook by Alobo Naga is a western pop sound. BK comes in on the opening verse and raised the standard of the track and then comes in Big Deal to take it even further. He starts off by spitting “I can’t tell you what it really is, I can only tell you what it feels like” which was originally recorded by Eminem on his famous single ‘Love the Way You Lie‘. This track is about the racism that people from the north-east face. Although, he was born to a Japanese mother but he is a citizen of India. Considering him as a foreigner is not a good thing. This track is in the contrast on ‘One Kid’.


‘One Dream’ is the last track on this EP and features June Neelu on the hook sections of the track. ‘One Dream’ features a sample of a part of Martin Luther King Jr.‘s speech and the outro to the track features a sample by J. Cole. This is a conversation and an open letter to the parents who think their kid is going to lose his originality and sincerity if they let him go his way. Lack of discipline, lack of grades is not what it takes to become a happy and a successful individual in this world. This is the message that this track is delivering towards the end. If you’ve raised your kid right, he’ll lead his life like a good person.

‘Big Deal composed the music, wrote the lyrics and performed it himself on ‘One Kid With A Dream’. Every song off the EP was mixed and mastered by Anudwatt at Resonance Studios. Additional instrumentals that were used on the EP were added by Anudwatt and Ronnie Matthew. Bishmen Write did the video of ‘One Kid’ which was then edited by Dikshit and Sumit. ‘One Kid With A Dream’ was powered by Qyuki. It’s available on every digital music distribution platforms.

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